Landmark facilities for Australian science

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OPAL multi-purpose reactor

One of the world’s most effective multi-purpose reactors and the centrepiece of ANSTO's research facilities.

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Cyclotron facility

Allows researchers to make potentially profound discoveries tackling neurological disorders and many other diseases.

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Australian Synchrotron

A world-class research facility provides benefits for diverse scientific and industrial fields and purposes.

Nuclear science and technology at work


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Bush fires

Study of ancient fires helps explain how they affect the land they burn.


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Nuclear fuel

International collaboration developing better nuclear fuels and materials


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Flu season

International science team paves way for fast and accurate flu diagnosis.


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Pioneering techniques advance understanding of metals under extreme conditions.

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Accelerating science with Sirius 

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Safely managing Australia's radioactive waste

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Erica Smyth discusses gender equity

Past Climates video icon

Understanding past climates

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Behind the scenes look at planetary science 

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