FOI Disclosure Log

ANSTO is a government agency and is therefore required by the Freedom of Information Act 1982 to publish a disclosure log on its website. The disclosure log lists information which has been released in response to an FOI access request. This requirement has applied since 1 May 2011.


The disclosure log requirement does not apply to:


  • Personal information about any person if publication of that information would be ‘unreasonable’
  • Information about the business, commercial, financial or professional affairs of any person if publication of that information would be ‘unreasonable’
  • Other information covered by a determination made by the Australian Information Commissioner if publication of that information would be ‘unreasonable’
  • Any information if it is not reasonably practicable to publish the information because of the extent of modifications that would need to be made to delete the information listed in the above dot points.


The disclosure log below provides details of documents released by ANSTO under the Freedom of Information Act 1982. This information is available for public access. You can obtain copies of the released documents by emailing a request with the details of the information requested.

Please advise if you wish to obtain a hardcopy format of the documents. You should include information for contact by phone, email or in writing. Please note that there is a charge of $0.10 per page for photocopies of written documents. There is no charge for electronic copies of documents.


Log number Date Summary of request Description of information released 
1 5 April 2012

Reports of breaches of regulations or licensing requirements communicated to other agencies including ASNO, ARPANSA, TGA and AFNO.


Documents relating to TGA and ARPANSA breaches. Released in part. Redactions applied pursuant to sections 47F and 47G.
2 13 June 2012 Request seeking documentation relating to PETNET’s business plan, financial data and impairment review.

PETNET’s business plan released in part. Redactions applied pursuant to sections 45, 47G and 47. Comments regarding valuation released in full. Impairment review exempt in full pursuant to sections 47 and 47G(1)(a)


3 16 May 2013   Terms of reference of Life Sciences Review, summary of reviewer expertise and invitation to panel members.
4 28 October 2016 All documentation relating to the documentary TV series: Uranium - Twisting the Dragon's Tail, sent or received by ANSTO prior to, during the series' development and following its premier on SBS. Emails between ANSTO and Genepool Productions. Redaction applied pursuant to sections 47, 47G and 45 of the FOI Act.
5 17
“Advice ANSTO provided to the Minister as part of his incoming ministerial brief” ANSTO Incoming Government Brief dated 26/07/2016. Redactions applied pursuant to sections 47C, 47F and 47 of the FOI Act.
6 13
Electronic copy (scan) of the 1970 Australian Atomic Energy Commission publication, "Disposal of radioactive wastes from US. naval nuclear-powered ships, a bibliography." Document released in full.
7 13
An electronic copy of the Australian Atomic Energy Commission's Publication "Bibliography on Sr90 uptake and fallout." (1957) Document released in full.
8 27
A digital copy (scan) of the 1955 AAEC publication, "Clothing for radiation protection". Document released in full.
9 27
A digital copy (scan) of the 1958 AAEC publication, "Protective clothing ". Document released in full.
10 5 September 2017 “Electronic copies of all correspondence between ANSTO and Rowan Ramsey MP from the
years 2014 to present (inclusive)”
Correspondence between ANSTO and Mr Rowan Ramsey MP from the years 2014 to time of FOI request. Redactions applied pursuant to section 47F of the FOI Act.