ANSTO's vision, purpose and core values


ANSTO presents our vision, purpose, core values and strategic priorities, as outlined in our Corporate Plan 2016 - 2020.


ANSTO's vision

To deliver excellence in innovation, insight and discovery through our people, partnerships, nuclear expertise and landmark infrastructure.


ANSTO's purpose

As outlined in the ANSTO Act 1987, the organisations core functions are to:


  • Conduct research and development in relation to nuclear science and technology
  • Produce and use radioisotopes, isotopic techniques and nuclear radiation for medicine, science, industry, commerce and agriculture
  • Encourage and facilitate the application and use of the results from research and development
  • Manage radioactive materials and waste arising from various prescribed activities
  • Provide goods and services related to core activities
  • Provide advice to government and undertake international liaison in nuclear-related matters
  • Make available facilities, equipment and expertise for research in nuclear science and technology
  • Publish scientific and technical reports, periodicals and papers, and provide public information and advice

ANSTO's core values

  1. Curiosity: Harness our curiosity to explore new opportunities and create an environment where ideas can thrive
  2. Excellence: Consistently delivering high value outcomes and looking for ways to improve the quality of our performance
  3. Leadership: Ownership, accountability and working with integrity to inspire and motivate others
  4. Trust and respect: An inclusive environment that's built on our trust and respect for each other's contributions and capabilities
  5. Working together: Success through collaboration, team work and a sense of collective purpose
  6. Safe, secure and sustainable: Three key principles that underpin everything we do and every decision we make