Strategic priority three


Serve the nuclear needs of the Government, industry, community and people of Australia

ANSTO performs a number of essential services on behalf of the Australian Government and community. These include the provision of radiopharmaceuticals for medical diagnosis and therapy as well as expanding nuclear knowledge and capability in areas such as nuclear safety, security and safeguards, radioactive waste management and nuclear forensics.


ANSTO also plays a vital role in providing expert and independent advice to the Government, proactively supporting the safe use of nuclear science and technology in our region and internationally. These roles will continue.


ANSTO will work to raise community shortfalls in the international market and industry awareness of the applications, benefits and risks of nuclear science and technology, as well as to increase industry utilisation of nuclear science and technology.


We will recognise our success by:


  • The operational performance of our facilities and equipment, particularly OPAL and the radiopharmaceuticals production facilities 
  • Engagement with the international community, including the IAEA, on nuclear safety, security and non-proliferation


  • Continued safe handling, management and storage of radioactive waste


  • Progress in raising Government, community and industry awareness of nuclear science and technology and its benefits


  • Provision of radioisotopes